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XRAY - Intrusion Detection System  v.

The XRAY-IDS is the first Intrusion Detection System only for the Windows Operating System. The constant raise in security incidents makes it even more neccessary to secure your own Network!

GroundZero Advanced Netstat  v.1.0.5

Ever wanted to find out which Program opened that strange port that suddenly is open on your system? This Application helps you identify suspicious processes and allows you to kill them.


Appabyte Email IDs Generator Platinum  v.10

This New Powerful Software Generate Unlimited Email IDs.

IDS Caption  v.1.0.0

IDS caption allows for the slow-motion playback of any media enabling you to type along with the media at your adjustable typing speed.

Email Xray  v.2.6.1

Email Xray is an add-on for MS Outlook that provides you with detailed information for each email item. It can display message text, source, as well as SMTP Headers. The product cannot recognize spam or phishing scams by itself,

XRay XML Editor  v.2.1 bulid 10

XRay is a free XML editing enviroment. Now in its second major release, XRay provides support for XML Schema (XSD) and an integrated online XML tutorial system.As you type, parsing errors are listed so you always know if the document is correct.

XRay Video  v.4.2

Experience a whole new XRay.

Xray Vision  v.1.6

Xray Vision provides an easy way to make files invisible on your computer.

Atmel IDS  v.6.0

A tool for creating fast, predictable designs with ATA6625 AT40K, AT40KAL, and AT6000 series FPGAs using HDL Planner for VHDL and Verilog Entry. This tool can be used with other popular synthesis tool environments.

ServerM - a powerful host-based IDS  v.1.0

serverM is an extremely flexible signature-based host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS).

Security Center Lite

Security Center is network security software for real-time intrusion detection IDS and prevention IPS that helps to protect networks from potential intruders, unauthorized connections and malicious activities. The unique network monitoring engine provide

XSQL Documenter

Comprehensive, uniform, and easily navigable database documentation for all your applications. Generates documentation in HTML and CHM format; supports all major database management systems: SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Informix IDS, Sybase ASE,

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